Innovate Your Supply Chain & Product Engineering
With Advanced Digital SCM & PLM Solution

Supply Chain Planning Solution Package Overview

ZIONEX develops and deploys the intelligent SCM solutions dubbed T3Series™ using a cloud-based solution platform. T3Series represents a best-of-breed suite of advanced supply chain planning (SCP) platform for manufacturing and distribution companies in the following areas.


Demand Forecasting & Planning
T3Demand provides an integrated solution for AI(machine learning) and statistical forecasting, consensus based sales planning using proven demand management methodologies to synchronize enterprise-level demand-driven supply chain.

Inventory & Supply Planning
Based on advanced heuristic based optimization techniques T3SupplyNet allows the calculation of optimal inventory target level by product SKU. It also provides rapid simulation capability for generating supply plan with complex supply chain constraints.

Detailed Production Planning & Scheduling
T3Schedule solves highly complex production scheduling problems with high performance heuristic algorithms for both order-by-order and event-based scheduling approaches for meeting on-time delivery and optimized resource utilization.

Sales & Operation Planning
T3S&OP presents a cloud-based, integrated dashboard for operating an efficient and holistic supply chain view with KPI monitoring reports. S&OP facilitates rapid decision making with the perspective of supply chain “control tower”.

Features of T3Series Enterprise

? A full suite for end-to-end supply chain management solutions taylored for global manufacturing and distribution companies.
? Both cloud and on-premises versions are provided to accommodate respective clients’ IT environment.
? Adoption of state-of-the-art ICT technologies the solution such as AI, Big Data, IoT to convey “Digital Transformation” approaches.