Heavy Industries


Kawasaki Heavy Industries

As a pioneer in the development and production of industrial robots in Japan, Kawasaki Heavy Industries has been at the forefront of the automation industry, providing cutting-edge robots that support a wide range of manufacturing fields. From welding automobile bodies to processing food, Kawasaki robots are known for their ability to deliver high-quality automation work that is tailored to the unique requirements of each product and production line.

Project Background & Goals

To address these challenges, Kawasaki Heavy Industries has implemented a robust project management system that leverages the latest technology and tools. The system allows for real-time sharing of project information among team members, regardless of location, and enables the management of project progress and personnel resources in a more efficient and streamlined manner. Furthermore, the system includes advanced features such as project scheduling and resource allocation tools, which help to improve the overall planning and execution of projects. By integrating these tools, Kawasaki Heavy Industries is able to significantly reduce management man-hours, improve the management level, and ensure timely and accurate completion of projects. Furthermore, the system also facilitates collaboration with outsourced partners, enabling better communication and coordination for seamless project execution. Overall, the implementation of this project management system has greatly enhanced the productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of the Robot Business Center at Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

Project Approach

Kawasaki Heavy Industries decided to build on the Aras Innovator platform, which has become the standard PLM within the organization, using DTM, a package that extends the PM function of Aras. The team representative participated in the evaluation process from the start, and with the support of the user representative lead and the IT staff of the robot business center, they were able to expand the necessary functions and realize the requirements required for the company.

Return on Investments

Kawasaki Heavy Industries recognized the need to improve project management, resource allocation, and remote collaboration within the Robot Business Center. To address these challenges, they decided to implement Aras Innovator, a robust PLM system, as the standard platform for the organization. They further enhanced the capabilities of the system by integrating DTM, a package designed to extend the PM function of Aras Innovator. The implementation process was led by the team representative, who collaborated closely with the user representative lead, IT staff of the robot business center and other stakeholders to evaluate, design and implement the solution. This resulted in an efficient system that improved project management, resource allocation, and remote collaboration, allowing the company to meet the requirements of the organization and improve overall performance.