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Samsung SDI

Business Environment

As a visionary in the fields of cutting-edge displays and mobile energy solutions, Samsung SDI has played a pivotal role in the transition from traditional color CRTs to large flat-panel TVs, and is now considered a key supplier of Lithium Ion batteries. Through the development of high-performance digital products utilizing world-class display technologies such as LCDs and OLEDs, as well as rechargeable batteries that power mobile communication devices and electric cars, Samsung SDI has successfully reinvented itself as a leading digital mobility company, positioning itself at the forefront of technology innovation and market trends.

Project Background & Goals

As a leader in the fields of futuristic displays, mobile energy, and new materials, Samsung SDI recognized the need to improve its supply chain management (SCM) system in order to keep pace with the rapidly evolving market demands. With this in mind, the company initiated the construction of the Advanced Planning System (APS) as a means of addressing three key challenges. Firstly, the growing expectation for quick delivery from end customers necessitated a system that could respond flexibly and promptly to market needs. Secondly, the expansion of the company's contract manufacturing and inventory (CMI) operations required a system that could effectively manage inventory levels and reduce inefficiencies in monthly inventory management. Thirdly, in order to solidify its position as an industry leader, Samsung SDI sought to ensure global visibility and optimize operations throughout its supply chain.


he implementation of the APS system has brought significant improvements to Samsung SDI's supply chain operations, including increased on-time delivery rates, shorter delivery times, and more efficient planning cycles. This has led to improved inventory turnover and demand forecast accuracy. Additionally, the company was able to establish a PO-based production system, which further optimized operations. As Samsung SDI continues to expand and apply the APS-based Global SCM system to other business divisions, it is solidifying its position as a market leader.