Chemical Industries

Toray Advanced Material

Business Environment

Toray Advanced Materials, a subsidiary of Toray Group, is a global high-tech materials company specializing in chemical materials, including films, IT materials, non-woven fabrics, threads, resins, and environment-friendly materials in fields such as daily life, carbon fiber, water treatment, and renewable energy. The company continues to invest in advanced technologies and expand globally, becoming a leader in the chemical materials industry.

Project Background & Goals

Under the slogan "Future of Materials," Toray Advanced Materials has implemented detailed strategies to achieve sales targets. To improve supply chain management (SCM), the company has established an interlocking system between sales and production, and implemented measures such as optimal production plans and inventory reduction to minimize production loss. The company has also implemented two APS system projects: the first phase included company-wide demand and supply chain planning for products such as films, non-woven fabrics, IT materials, and threads, and the establishment of production scheduling and performance metrics. In the second phase, the company worked to improve the APS system for the Film Division by enhancing user interface (UI) and system speed, and increasing customer responsiveness.

Return on Inventments

By implementing an Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) system, Toray Advanced Materials has been able to significantly improve its sales forecasting and production efficiency. The system allows for more accurate monthly sales plans and capacity analysis by production line, resulting in a reduction of inventory and increased visibility for production. The system also allows for better management of key performance indicators such as inventory turnover and execution rate of sales and production plans, through history management and control. The user-friendly interface has also improved convenience and speed of business response, and the integration of customer registration information between the sales and manufacturing departments has enhanced the company's ability to quickly respond to unexpected orders. Overall, the construction and operation of the APS system has been a major factor in the company's success in the chemical materials industry.