Founding Story

In a dorm room back in 1998, the founders had a discussion about "optimization engine" and "collaboration engineering", which later led to the creation of T³Series, a supply chain planning and design engineering solution for businesses. They met each other on a softball playing field at a graduate student orientation at MIT.

Zionex was officially registered as a corporation in July 1999 and kicked off its business on January 17th, 2000.

They formed a team named "Information Factory" and participated in a venture capital gathering otherwise known as the "50K Contest." Although they did not win the $50,000 prize, the experience was valuable in starting their business.  Dr. Yoo used his spare time to incorporate "Information Factory" as a precursor company and prepareed business plans and funding from angel investors.  In the meantime, Dr. Lim gained experience in business planning software implementation projects at global companies for a few years. While working on these projects, he felt that he could develop better software on his own. Together, they founded Zionex with the goal of creating a culture where they could compete fairly in terms of "performance" and "price." T³Series is used by more than 400 manufacturing and distribution companies to support supply chain management in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and China. "T³" (pronounced Tee-Cube) represents bringing "Tommorow's Technology Today."



- Beta Release of PlanNEL, SaaS SCM solution


- GA Release of T3SmartSCM (Cloud SCM) 


- Incorporated Zionex Taiwan Ltd. Co. as a subsidary in Taiwan


- Incorporated Zionex Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary in Japan
- Selected as a 2013 Supply & Demand Chain Executive100
- Obtained "Good Software" GS Certification from Korea Information and Communication Technology Association
- Obtained "Excellent Employer Certification" in Seoul, Korea


- Published Zionex Case Study Report by Gartner
- Selected as 2012 Supply & Demand Chain Executive100


- Received Asia Pacific Technology Advancement Award sponsored by Supply Chain Council (SCC)
- Selected as a finalist for Global Supply Chain Excellence Awards sponsored by Supply Chain Council (SCC)
- Selected as a 2011 Supply & Demand Chain Executive100
- Published a special edition of case study report with Forrester Research


- Received 2010 Korea SCM Award from Ministry of Knowledge Economy
- Chaired 2010 Korean Government Supported ERP / SCM Forum


- Entered into a partnership with Aras for Open Source PLM solutions


- Relocated HQ office to Nuritkum Square in Digital Media City
- Released SOA-based architecture for T³Series


- Established Comnext Corporation in Tokyo, Japan
- Partnered with UK Fair Isaac – Dash Optimization


- Selected as a strategic partner of LG-CNS
- Released T³Silica solution for semiconductor industry
- Released T³Plan 4.0 and T³Schedule 2.0
- Selected as a Microsoft partner for business solutions


- Certified by Korean Chamber of Commerce
- Designated as an official partner of Samsung SDS in SCM area


- Certified by Technology Credit Guarantee Fund
- Certified as an "Excellent Technology Company" by Industrial Bank of Korea


- Selected to develop "Core SCM template" supervised by Korea Industrial Resources Department


- Received the Korean InnoBiz Award
- Technical tie-up with Magic Logic of Canada (Nesting & Vanning engine support)
- Technical tie-up with Emanio of the United States (support for XML / EDI-based document exchange engine)
- Received the Korean SCM Award (SCM Society)
- Certified as a Korean "venture company"


  • Designated as a special military service company in Korea
  • Registered as Samsung SDS Strategic Partner


  • Strategic alliance with Oculus Technologies, USA
  • Established Zionex