PlanNEL’s Multi-Currency Analysis for Enhanced Sales and Profit Forecasting

Zionex introduces a groundbreaking enhancement to its SaaS-type Supply Chain Management (SCM) service, “PlanNEL.” This innovative feature enables user companies to seamlessly incorporate their proprietary exchange rate prediction data into the system, unlocking the ability to analyze sales and profit forecasts in multiple currencies with unparalleled ease.

Demand Planning Workbench User Interface

In the context of a manufacturer engaged in overseas sales and global expansion, individuals responsible for each country’s financial projections often manage sales and profit forecasts using disparate Excel files stored locally or within internal shared folders.

The repercussions of this decentralized approach include challenges such as the head office’s delayed access to monetary sales forecasts for each country, the inconvenience of converting diverse currencies to yen, and the inherent complexity of analyzing multiple Excel files managed independently by each country.

To address these challenges, PlanNEL empowers user companies by allowing them to seamlessly integrate their own exchange rate prediction data ** into the system. This newly released function centralizes sales and profit forecasts in multiple currencies on the cloud, providing a user-friendly platform for streamlined and real-time analysis.

** If users do not possess exchange rate prediction data, they also have the option to utilize data provided by various financial institutions.

Exchange Rate Configuration User Interface

Enhanced Analysis Capabilities

Upon uploading exchange rate forecast data from the PlanNEL management screen, user companies can automatically calculate forecasted sales and profit amounts in multiple currencies. These values can be conveniently converted into yen***, allowing users to monitor and analyze them in real time on the cloud screen.

*** Converts to the currency set for each person’s account. The ability to specify the currency on the analysis report and use it for sales and profit forecasting will be supported in a future update.

Advanced Reporting and User Permissions

In addition to the multi-currency analysis, PlanNEL introduces enhanced reporting capabilities. Users can narrow down analysis reports through various segments.

  • Overall (no segments)
  • By Country
  • By Customer
  • By Product Category
  • By Product

Furthermore, user role permissions and viewing permissions for each person in charge can be set, providing a customizable and secure user experience.

Demand Plan vs. Actual Report

About SaaS-type SCM Service “PlanNEL”

PlanNEL is a supply chain management service developed for small and medium-sized manufacturing, wholesale, and distribution industries. It is based on supply chain software used by over 300 global companies. The service includes functions for demand planning, optimal inventory planning, and order planning, allowing for a staged introduction of each function. At Zionex, we are committed to continuously developing PlanNEL to address the evolving needs of user companies and support small and medium-sized enterprises in achieving efficient supply chain management.

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